8 thoughts on “Peter Dudley – Eton Manor 1 Clapton 2

  1. attendevo davvero con ansia l aivrro di Beatrice finalmente un po’ di fresco e aspetto l aivrro del mio tanto amato autunno/inverno buoni ultimi raggi di sole e un bacio a te e melacon questo look stai davvero benebuonanotte pianetakiss

  2. Nom [70],For most people, it’s not tax. Not even estate tax though that hits some. The problem is the ever increasing burden of complying. 40 years ago you filed taxes as an expat resident of some other country and filled out a 1040 too. The other country’s tax bill was always higher or FEIE covered everything so the bottom line on the 1040 was nada.Then the fatcats started shuffling big money into Switzerland and that had to be stopped, so millions had to mail a TD90F to Detroit every year to cover their $300 savings account at the Lower Slobovian Postbank.Then 20 years ago Dart bugs out to Belize with a billion stashed in his Learjet, gives Uncle Sam a Bronx cheer, so the 10 year expat tax regime begins. Along with half a dozen new forms which change every 18 months so you don’t know if you’ve dotted the right i’s in any given year. And the start of the enlistment of financial institutions as spies so no one can escape the net. Except somehow the fatcats seem to be fine and only the rabble have to file all this paperwork.Now we have HEART and HERO and FATCA and delays plus fees to renounce. Tax due on unrealized gains and big chunks of retirement / deferred comp accounts seized before you can leave the country. More forms. More reporting. More fines and penalties. Aggravation for all in the name of catching the big fish.So why are there no tuna in the net, just us herring?

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