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Robin FridayRobin Friday: per gli appassionati di calcio inglese basta il nome. Un’icona, un mito. Una storia di quelle che ti lascia con l’amaro in bocca per quello che sarebbe potuto essere e non è stato. Vogliamo ricordarlo con questa bella canzone de The 253 Boys che lo hanno immortalato in parole davvero belle, senza mai scendere nella retorica.

A tackle slides through the skin
Glide thru the mud and bang one in
The dribble flows in majestic vain
Never lose control does love remain
And now you walk on hallowed ground
Saturdays hero out of the past.

(Chorus) Goodbye Robin Friday Your Flame was the spark x2

You dream your dreams

As fans raised their hands
They sang your name

Throughout the land.

(Spoken Word)

Palace, Rangers, Chelsea, Walthamstow, Hayes, Enfield, Barnsley, Exeter, Peterborough, Colchester, Doncaster, Southport, Stockport, Swindon, Reading, Cardiff.

(Chorus) Goodbye Robin Friday Your Flame was the spark x2

You did all you could then walked out the door,

Left the game that you love didn’t play anymore,

Went down the stairs and into the street

And followed the drum of a different beat

(Spoken Word over guitar solo)

And let us raise a glass to Robin Friday, The greatest player you ever saw

He lived his life on the football Super highway, A legend that will live in our hearts for evermore

(Final Chorus)

Goodbye Robin Friday Your Flame was the spark

Goodbye Robin Friday Your Flame was the spark.

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